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2012 – 2013

  • The mental health clinic was successful in reaching its target population - those individuals in our community who have limited resources to access mental health counseling services. The clinic set records for clients seen (870) for the fifth consecutive year. The clinic also set a record for the fourth consecutive year by seeing a total of individual, couple and family sessions in a year by having 8,170 sessions.

  • On June 1, 2013, the clinic opened a new office in Brown Deer, located at Bradley Crossing Supportive Housing Community. In addition to the convenience to our local clients, the new site provides us with the opportunity to promote our services to residents of Germantown and Menomonee Falls.

  • For over fifteen years, JFS has held a contract with the Milwaukee County Department on Aging to support our Late Life Counseling program. This program offers in-home therapeutic services to homebound adults over the age of 60, who live in Milwaukee County with physical and/or emotional problems which limits their ability to seek outpatient services. JFS provided 1,286 hours of direct service to 73 individuals who received support through the Late Life Counseling program.

  • The success of our Exceptional Needs Garden Club resulted in the addition of 2 new raised beds; bringing our total to 6 on-site at JFS’ downtown offices. Once again, members of the Sandy Naimon Breakfast Club planted, tended and harvested fruit, vegetables, herbs and flowers.

  • In 2012, The Young Adults Independence Project (YAIP) held 12 programs for clients, accounting for a total participation level of 199. Topics included life skills building sessions on how to make smart decisions, understanding safety, health and nutrition, boundaries, money management, healthy relationships, managing stress and hygiene. YAIP programs provide an opportunity for adults with developmental disabilities to learn basic skills that will allow them to thrive as independently as possible. As part of our YAIP programming, JFS staff provided two psycho-educational programming for parents to help them learn to let go and how to prepare their young adult and themselves for a move to independence.

  • Kids In The Middle (KITM) provides a safe place where children whose parents were never married or in the midst of a separation or divorce can understand the changes in their families, express their feelings, and learn how to handle new situations which will result in better peer relationships, stronger family bonds and improvement in their scholastic efforts. Because of the generosity of our funders, we are able to ensure that anyone in need of help received the support and guidance they needed from JFS. This year, the group therapy program was offered at no charge to participants. This resulted in a surge in enrollment that—for the first time ever—warranted the addition of a KITM summer program at JFS.

  • Beginning in September 2012, JFS added Milwaukee College Preparatory School as a new location for providing on-site mental health counseling to students. JFS psychotherapists continued to offer mental health services at the Central City Cyberschool and for the Village of Brown Deer school system. In September 2013, JFS began providing clinical services to the students at Nativity Jesuit Middle School.

  • The primary goal of the LinkAges program is to establish secure and stable living environments and the social and family networks older adults need to live healthy, independent lives. In the last three years, we have nearly tripled the number of clients we are serving annually – from 38 to 93. This tremendous growth also demands a tremendous need for resources to support those clients who avail themselves of our sliding fee scale. This allows individuals who “fall through the cracks” to receive the supportive services they need to stay independent without having to deplete their small life savings.

  • During the last fiscal year, Family Care served over 456 members over the age of 60. Additionally, 84 members with a concurrent diagnosis of a severe and persistent mental health challenge or an intellectual disability received support from the JFS Family Care CMU.

  • Milwaukee County Department of Family Care continues to set ambitious outcome goals for each CMU. The performance outcomes for the JFS Care Management Unit have averaged 91% during the past year, placing us in the top five of the twenty Family Care agencies in Milwaukee County.

  • JFS’ Family Care CMU was targeted to receive members who have been identified as eligible under the Money Follows the Person Rebalancing Demonstration grant. These individuals have been placed in an institutional setting, most often a nursing home, for over 90 days and are able to relocate to the community with the help of long-term care services. This grant provides the State of Wisconsin with enhanced Federal Medical Assistance funding for the first year that each eligible member remains in the community, which ultimately supports Home and Community Based Services.

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